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DRESDEN Diamond Pattern SS Wok 36 cm with SS Lid

Tri-ply construction stainless steel and aluminum layer guarantee rapid heat transfer and even heat distribution. High-quality 304 stainless steel, strong corrosion resistance, extremely hard, very durable. Without adding any chemical coating, and there will be no chemical reaction in contact with spicy and acidic food materials. The unique high and low embossed pattern structure increases the physical non-stick performance, and can achieve excellent non-stick effect without coating. Has better oil dispersibility, even with a small amount of oil, it can be expanded to the entire cooking area, which can achieve less oil and healthy cooking style. Suitable for all stoves types, including induction.


  • Dimensions: 46.3 (L) x 38 (W) x 22 (H) cm
  • Materials: Stainless Steel
  • Made in China
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  • $898.00 HKD
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